runwiththestorm's Journal

26 September 1983
Interests: (101)
5.0, animals, books, bravery, bushido, camping, car shows, cars, chi, chivalry, computers, criminology, cyberspace, discordia, discordianism, drag racing, driving, energy, ethics, fantasy, fire, flying, fnord, ford, free speech, gaming, gay rights, ghosts, good conversation, guns, hardcore cuddling, hiking, honor, hot rods, human rights, humor, introspection, justice, knives, knowledge, learning, love, loyalty, martial arts, mechanics, meditation, metal, metaphysics, michaelmoore, military, monty python, movies, music, mustangs, mythology, nature, night, paramilitary, pets, philosophy, politics, protecting, psychology, quantum mechanics, quantum physics, quantum theory, reading, rebellion, revolution, roleplaying, roleplaying games, safety, samurai, sci-fi, security, self-defense, self-discovery, self-expression, sexuality, social engineering, sociology, spirituality, storms, survivalism, swords, tae kwan do, take back the night, taoism, techno, technology, the moon, thunderstorms, totem animals, travel, trust, vigilante justice, wanderlust, wolves, women's rights, writing, zen
Veteran, 2 years USAF. Jet engine specialist, mainly worked A-10s. Honorable medical discharge. Now working private security and going to school.

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